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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What are we working on for you?

As we use this blog to give you some pointers and tips in party planning, our ultimate goal is to put together a party plan for you to use to have a successful event.  As we have mentioned, and will continue to remind you, we have done all of these events for years for our family, our school, our church and our community.  We now are sharing it with you. 

One of my favorite activities is Moms' Night Out.  My girlfriends and I get together once a month, leaving the cares and worries behind, and leaving the kids with their fathers or baby-sitters.

We fall off our diets, drink our favorite wine, margaritas, or drink-of-choice, and we talk.  But more importantly WE LAUGH.

We talk about our kids, about the neighbors, about the PTA. We vent about our husbands, our jobs, their jobs. We play catch up on TV shows, current events, and anything else that might come about.

One of our favorite activities is getting together and playing a silly, mindless dice game with wild abandon, hoping to take home a few more prizes then we arrived with.  This game, you may have heard of, is Bunco.  I am not here to sell you Bunco.  What I am here to do is show you how to have a fun time with girlfriends, and one event you may consider hosting is a Bunco night. 

I'm in the process of showing you how to do this from inviting your girlfriends (so you have enough for a productive Bunco night), providing a sample menu, giving you collection of materials you may want to use (if you don't want to go out and buy your own Bunco set). 

Here is an example of my Bunco Score Card:

So to answer the title question, I'm working on providing a Mom's Night Out for you.  Soon, you will be able to visit and get information on how to host your very own Bunco night!

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