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Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Bowl Pool

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As promised . . . the Super Bowl Pool.

Print out the Super Bowl Pool grid. Determine roughly how many guests will be playing. The grid has 100 squares. Divide 100 by the number of players. This will determine how many squares each player may have on each grid (remember there are 4 grids). For example if you have 32 players, each player may have 3 squares. Ask each player to put their initials in the square(s) they choose.

Some squares will go unclaimed. You may choose to leave them blank or come up with a way to let players win additional squares (like drawing their name from that hat or having Fear Factor/Minute to Win It style competitions).

At the end of each quarter, match the last digit of each team's final score with the grid to decide the winner. For example, a score of Patriots 13, Giants 26, would mean finding the square where 3 on the vertical scale meets 6 on the horizontal. If Bill chose the space where these two numbers meet, he's the winner.

There is also a sheet for guessing the time the game will end and the combined final score.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Football Field Table Cover

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With 9 days to go, I am starting to gather my party decorations and supplies together in the dining room. If I break it up into pieces, I can get it all done over the next week during my kids’ naptime. The downside is playing the “Don’t Touch That” game with the two-year-old all week.

I got THE table cover down from the attic today. The one that makes all the kids start their, “How many more days until the football party?” concert. It is a pretty good performance. It lasts for days and is sometimes performed in harmony—although always out of tune. Trying to explain the concept of 9 more days to the two and three year olds is pointless— ten more naps (if you start now it will be only 9 when you wake up), 9 more sleeps, 5 more trips to the playground, 2 more church days . . .

I made this many years ago-- And when I say many years, I am not (for once, not even a little bit) exaggerating. OK it was eight years ago (exactly eight). I don’t know why I always feel the need to be so vague. The important thing is that it still looks great! And, it cost less than $30, which averages $3.75 per year—a total bargain.

To make it I went to Home Depot and had the carpet department cut a piece of artificial turf four feet longer than my table. I brought it home and used a box cutter to cut the width the exact width of my table. I used the remnants to make coasters and placemats for the TV trays. I then used white masking tape to mark-off the yard lines. I found the numbers in the scrapbook department of the craft store. They are glittery cardboard stickers. They did fall off over the years and have since been glued back on.

This is a great cover to protect my table. At the end of the party, I use the dust buster to vacuum up the spills. Then, I roll it up and store it away for the next year (and another concert).


Will You do me a Super Bowl Favor?

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I put together these fun favor buckets for this year’s party. I am sending them home with the kids, but I am sure that adults will like them too. They are plastic buckets from the dollar store. I wrapped a football necklace around the handle and filled the inside with candy and tissue paper grass. You could also use left over Easter grass. I finished it off with a sticker that says, “We hope you had a SUPER, good time!” Click here to download the stickers. They can be printed onto Avery 22807 labels.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Football Guacamole

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Use Shelley's guacamole recipe to make this adorable football dip. It would also make a great 10-layer mexican dip.

My Super Bowl Shopping Cart

My favorite Super Bowl finds:


Football Snacks

I found these at the store today:

Be a Super Fan

I like to set up a face painting and temporary tattoo station for guests to use.  The kids (and kids at heart) love it.  There are always a few people who are too cool to dress up.  Once they arrive and see everyone, they join in.  I do leave it as a do-it-yourself station, which can have its consequences (see photo):
Super Fan Tool Kit:

Super Bowl 46

New England Patriots                                         Vs.                                                 New York Giants

February 5th, 2012

Kickoff time: 6:30EST / 5:30 CST

on NBC

This is a party decorator’s dream. Both teams are the same color! Before you run out to buy decorations, check around the house for:

  • 4th of July decorations that can be repurposed
  • You kid’s/husband’s sporting equipment (helmets, balls, pads, cheerleading uniforms, whistles, t-shirts, pom poms, etc)
  • Anything red or blue from your party decoration leftovers (streamers, balloons, paper plates, napkins, etc.)
  • Red or Blue household items (blankets, pillows, tablecloths, etc.)
  • Red or Blue craft supplies (construction paper, poster board, ribbon, fabric, etc.)
Remember to think outside the box. It is a rainy day in the southeast today. It is perfect weather for staying indoors, gathering supplies, and coming up with a plan and shopping list. Happy hunting!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Constructing the perfect party

My son was invited to the cutest party this weekend—a construction party. Dad is in the construction business, which came in handy. They brought in a truckload of sand and dumped it in a huge pile in the back yard for the kids to play in. They decorated with road signs and safety cones. They gave the kids a ride around the block in a real dump truck. Each kid made their own safety vest out of a paper sack. Everyone went home with their own plastic hardhat. My two year old boy thought this was better than his visit to see Santa. They totally set the standard this year. I am not sure if I will be able to top it for our March birthday boy. I am posting photos below. Make sure to check out the totally adorable cake.

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