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Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Bowl Pool

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As promised . . . the Super Bowl Pool.

Print out the Super Bowl Pool grid. Determine roughly how many guests will be playing. The grid has 100 squares. Divide 100 by the number of players. This will determine how many squares each player may have on each grid (remember there are 4 grids). For example if you have 32 players, each player may have 3 squares. Ask each player to put their initials in the square(s) they choose.

Some squares will go unclaimed. You may choose to leave them blank or come up with a way to let players win additional squares (like drawing their name from that hat or having Fear Factor/Minute to Win It style competitions).

At the end of each quarter, match the last digit of each team's final score with the grid to decide the winner. For example, a score of Patriots 13, Giants 26, would mean finding the square where 3 on the vertical scale meets 6 on the horizontal. If Bill chose the space where these two numbers meet, he's the winner.

There is also a sheet for guessing the time the game will end and the combined final score.

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