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Monday, January 21, 2013

Super Bowl Bingo

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As promised, here is my Super Bowl BINGO. Click here to download the PDF file. You could also use a football themed paper or plain cardstock.

I give each guest 1 sheet, which has 2 printed BINGO cards—double the cards, double the fun. You could also cut each sheet into half and give each player 1 card.

To play, participants watch the game and look for the items on their BINGO card. If there is a dispute about whether something “counts”, you may resolve the issue with either a majority-rules vote or designate someone as the BINGO referee before the game starts.

We offer multiple winning options. We play 4 types of BINGO simultaneously: traditional BINGO, all 4 corners on one card, two diagonals on the same card to form a big X, and covering every square on one card. The first person to accomplish any of the 4 types of BINGO wins that prize. Play continues until all 4 BINGO types have been won. We keep a large dry erase board next to the screen and circle each game as it is won.

My daughter serves as the BINGO master.  She keeps up with marking-off finished games and handing out prizes.  This gives her something fun to do, as she is not really interested in the game.  I give her a whistle to blow when a successful BINGO is called and an official BINGO Master hat to wear.  She is not responsible for settling disputes, as grown adults get very passionate about this game and she is still a little girl. 

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