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Friday, January 27, 2012

Football Field Table Cover

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With 9 days to go, I am starting to gather my party decorations and supplies together in the dining room. If I break it up into pieces, I can get it all done over the next week during my kids’ naptime. The downside is playing the “Don’t Touch That” game with the two-year-old all week.

I got THE table cover down from the attic today. The one that makes all the kids start their, “How many more days until the football party?” concert. It is a pretty good performance. It lasts for days and is sometimes performed in harmony—although always out of tune. Trying to explain the concept of 9 more days to the two and three year olds is pointless— ten more naps (if you start now it will be only 9 when you wake up), 9 more sleeps, 5 more trips to the playground, 2 more church days . . .

I made this many years ago-- And when I say many years, I am not (for once, not even a little bit) exaggerating. OK it was eight years ago (exactly eight). I don’t know why I always feel the need to be so vague. The important thing is that it still looks great! And, it cost less than $30, which averages $3.75 per year—a total bargain.

To make it I went to Home Depot and had the carpet department cut a piece of artificial turf four feet longer than my table. I brought it home and used a box cutter to cut the width the exact width of my table. I used the remnants to make coasters and placemats for the TV trays. I then used white masking tape to mark-off the yard lines. I found the numbers in the scrapbook department of the craft store. They are glittery cardboard stickers. They did fall off over the years and have since been glued back on.

This is a great cover to protect my table. At the end of the party, I use the dust buster to vacuum up the spills. Then, I roll it up and store it away for the next year (and another concert).


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  1. What a great table cover idea! I never would've thought of that! How fun :)


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