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Monday, January 9, 2012

Look the Part

If you are a football super fan, you already have a closet full of jerseys and t-shirts to wear on Super Bowl Sunday. If football is new to you, don’t forget to pick out your party outfit long before the big day. I once found myself looking for anything orange to wear 20 minutes before my guests started arriving. Sadly, the only orange item in my closet was my son’s pumpkin costume. I am not sure what it was doing in there, but I found myself wondering if I could use it to whip up a quick scarf in time. I decided to go with a neutral, all black outfit.  As everyone started arriving in their cute costumes (excuse me, team colors), I felt a little sad.

The following year, I ordered referee shirts (excuse me, jerseys) for both my husband and myself. Now, I don’t have to pick one side over the other. It's a very good way to welcome fans from both teams into my home without offending anyone. I wear it with a pair of black yoga pants, which makes it unbelievably comfortable—like going to a party in my PJs.

Over the years I have also added some fun costume jewelry. One year I ordered football beads and the pre-teen girls made bracelets for everyone.  I also have a new whistle.  I can call a foul when I see my kids (or husband) breaking the house rules.

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