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Friday, March 12, 2010

Calgon, take me away...

After my morning, afternoon, and anticipated evening, I just realized it is almost that time of the month.  Not for my monthly visitor ladies, geesh, for MOM'S NIGHT OUT.  Mom's Night Out can be just what any mom needs to recharge her batteries. It's easy to sacrifice your own fun during the week but it's important for moms to get away from the kids for the sake of sanity. Here are some tips for organizing a Mom's Night Out.
  • Get a variety of women together. Whether it's your BFFs or a mom you only talk with during drop-off and pick-up, consider getting everyone together for a great night out.   You can also include women who are not moms if you prefer. The size of your guest list may determine the activity you plan. The main goal is the get a group of FUN ladies together, without the kids and husbands (sorry guys).
  • Try to think of interesting ideas that go beyond the usual dinner and a movie.  You can host a Bunco Night, wine cheese party, game night, etc.  The sky is the limit.
  • Decide which activity you want to do. You can consult some of the other moms that are invited, but if you ask too many people it may only make the decision more difficult.
  • Send out invitations to the other moms. This can be as simple as an email.  Just make sure you keep the line of communication open, so you have an idea of the number of ladies who will be attending.  You can request official RSVPs, but what I have found is, if you request that someone RSVP by a certain date, some may not be able to commit.  How often do we know if we can truly get away until the day before?  Remember this is a fun night out, not an official function.
  • Make any necessary reservations for the Mom's Night Out activity once you have an idea of the number of attendees.  I always make the reservation for +2 the confirmed moms.  Some ladies may realize at the last minute they can make it after all.  But also keep in mind, vomiting children can occur at any time, causing someone to cancel.
  • Send out a reminder email a few days before the scheduled Mom's Night Out so the other moms can make any last minute arrangements.
  • Have fun at your Mom's Night Out!
Always keep in mind the budgets of the other moms when planning the Mom's Night Out activity.  Don't be offended if some of the moms can't make it. Some moms have difficulty leaving their kids and all of us have busy schedules!  This is why my girlfriends and I like doing this monthly.  If you can't make this month's MNO, there is always next month.

Savvy Tip:  Did you know that May 6, 2010 is National Mom's Nite Out?  Maybe you want to mark it on your calendar.  This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, or another reason to go out, you decide!

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