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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Say Cheese

I am really enjoying doing this. I have spent the morning going through photos looking for things to post (Even though I should be sorting through things for the children’s consignment sale on Saturday). I have done a terrible job taking photos. It is always so hectic for the host.

Taking photos is something that can be delegated to someone else. Ask your best friend to be in charge of photos. Give her your camera or you will have to wait for her to download the photos and get them to you. I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but your adorable “Monkey Man’s” first birthday is never as important to someone else as it is to you. It might take a week to get the photos and you will want them before you go to bed that night.

Make sure to take photos of the decorations before the guests arrive (they are always a little trashed by the time they leave), your table (see our Savvy Tips), and your guests having a great time. You put so much effort into the party; you will want to remember it. As a guest, it is the first thing I offer to do and the host is ALWAYS grateful.

I also like to give a cheap digital camera to a child (disposables also work, but they will use up all the photos in the first 5 minutes taking pictures of their friends nostrils). You will get a totally different perspective on the party. They take phots of things they like and things that impress them. I beg you to try it. It is absolutely adorable!

I am in serious trouble now. I just cracked open a Diet Coke and a box of Girl Scout cookies. What are the chances that I will get any real work done today?

Gratuitous “Monkey Man” cuteness

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