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Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh honey, who is looking at us anyway?

Our friend shared this YouTube video with us.  Posting videos on this blog will not become a habit, but this one spoke to us.  Our dirty little secret is that being stay-at-home-moms is not always fulfilling.  This blog,, and are our "stupid ideas."

We've been talking to each other for years about someday starting an online party planning business.   One day Jo picked up the phone and called Shelley and said, "Today is the day, I dare you."  30 minutes later we were online.  2 Massive Messes to Savvy Success (check), 4 Savvy Tips and Ideas (check), 6 Daily Etiquette Tips (check), 10 blog posts (check)....60,000 to go.  We have no idea if anyone out there is even looking at us, but we are and we are proud.

We have so much more to share with you, don't give up on us. Letting your friends know we're here, wouldn't hurt either (wink, wink).

We are hoping you find your "Dare You" moment, too.  Use the comments section below to share your "Dare You" moment with us!

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