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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Time!

If your kids are anything like mine, the one thing the look forward to the most during this time of year, is dying Easter eggs.  Living overseas, I have one unique problem, in that white eggs are VERY hard to find.  We still dye the brown eggs, but the colors are a little muted.  One technique I've discovered that works well with our situation is to turn lemons into lemonade, so to speak.  We use rubber bands!  We wrap the eggs with the wide rubber bands, and then the brown shows through.  This would work great with white eggs, as well.  After you dye the eggs with the rubber bands, allow to dry and then place in a new color.  This is a great twist on an old tradition!

What you need:
  • hard boiled eggs
  • Easter egg dye
  • rubber bands
Just wrap the eggs with the rubber bands before dropping the egg into the dye (as mentioned above, we find the thicker bands work best).

Once the egg reaches the color you desire, remove from the dye and let dry.  Remove all or some of the rubber bands, and drop into other colors (if, you so desire).  If you do choose to use other colors, just remember to let the dye dry before you remove the rubber bands!

Happy Easter!

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