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Monday, March 15, 2010

One man’s junk is a party decorator’s treasure.

I hit the Mother’s of Multiples consignment sale this weekend. I picked up a Little Tyke football-shaped toy chest for $5—SCORE! I plan to use it at our annual Super Bowl party. I'm going to fill it with ice and cans of soda. Then, I’m going to use it as a storage bin for the other decorations.

It’s probably time to confess that I am budget savvy, thrifty, and down right cheap. If it costs too much, I just won’t buy it. I am a yard sale junkie and Maxxinista, but I prefer the term Frugalista. I order everything else online and never without free shipping and a coupon code. My favorite family vacation is our annual trip to the Longest Yard Sale. Yes ladies, we even take an RV to avoid paying for a hotel. If HGTV covers it every year, I can’t be too much of a dork for going. To my critics I say, thrifty is green—I am not cheap, just environmentally savvy.

SAVVY TIP: Keep your eyes open year-round for potential party decorations. Yard sales, the Junior League Attic Sale, church rummage sales, etc are great places to find over-the-top decorations for next to nothing. Go to our Savvy Tips and Ideas Page for more yard sale tips.

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