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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time to send out the invites

So, how are you going to do it?  Are you going to use evite (one of our personal favorites for informal parties)?  Check out just one of the super cute evites they have there:

OR do you want to do something creative and hand out the invitations, personally?  Here are some ideas from us to you:
  • FLAG INVITATION:  Use a picture of the Mexican flag and on the back, provide all the party information (don't forget to use Jo's ideas from yesterday, see below).:  
  • BOTTLE INVITATION:  Do you have a beer drinker (or 2) in your family?  Next time you (or he) goes to the store to pick up some brewskies...pick up some Corona or Dos XX.  (Maybe you can have a pre-help-us-drink-beer-so-you-can-get-invited-to-our-cinco-de-mayo-party).  Once the beer is consumed, rinse out the bottles, dry, and place the invitation rolled up inside. 
  • MARACA INVITATION:  One year, for Jo's daughter's birthday/slumber party, she passed out the girls' invitations in ONE slipper.  Then, each girl got the second slipper when the came to the spa themed party.  So, using that idea, how about rolling up an invitation on the handle of one maraca.  When your guests arrive, they must find their matching maraca (somewhere amongst the party decorations)!

Looking for some cute invitation ideas for the above ideas? How about...

You can ALWAYS use something traditional and find some pre-printed invites like:

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