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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Party by Any Other Name . . .

I find it fun to name all my parties. They help the party take on a life of their own. A name can be as simple as The Smith Family’s 1st Annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta or Smith Bowl 2010 (for a Super Bowl party). You can also get creative. Our annual after-Christmas re-gifting party is known as “Gift-miss”. Shelley often treats her expecting friends to Baby-Que (a family BBQ baby shower). We spend every Halloween at Bubba Factor (our dear friend Bubba’s Fear Factor themed party). Some Cinco de Mayo ideas are:

• Fiesta de Amigos

• Smith* Family Fiesta Grande

• 1st Annual Run for the Border

• Fiesta Smith*

• 1st Annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

• Nacho Ordinary Party

I also like to give the party location a fun name. It adds to the overall theme and helps with the decorating. For Super Bowl, invite your friends to join you at Smith* Stadium. We live on Sugar Lane. My daughter invites her friends to “Club Sugar Lane” each year for her birthday party. We have even made a sign to hang above the door and borrow velvet ropes to set the stage before they even get through the door. For Cinco de Mayo, invite your guests to:

• Casa Smith

• Margarita John’s*

• Fajita Joe’s*

• South of the (Insert your subdivision name here) Border

• Casa de Fiesta

• Smith’s* Cantina.

You can even use a free online translator to translate your street name into Spanish. “Sugar Lane” translates to “Calle de Azúcar” Get creative and have fun with it. If you come up with other great ideas use the comment section below to share.

* Insert your name here.

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