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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ideas for "los niños"

Are you planning a family event, and want some ideas to keep some of the kids occupied?  How about providing some worksheets?  I've developed a few.  Please feel free to use them!

Crossword Key
Word Scramble (answers: Cinco de Mayo, Mexico, battle, red, green, white, flag, French, general, Napoleon, Viva Mexico, year)
Word Search

Coloring Pages:
Mexican flag coloring page
Cinco de Mayo coloring page
Cactus coloring page
Mariachi band coloring page
Donkey coloring page
Cinco de Mayo sombrero coloring page
Cinco de Mayo feast coloring page

Cinco de Mayo visor  (place a rubber band or string through the holes, to complete)

I'm also working on some craft ideas.  Stay tuned.


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