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Monday, November 12, 2012

Angry Bird parties 1.0 and 2.0!

We (DH and I) survived 2 weeks in a row of birthday parties.  We debated whether or not to do 2 parties, or one HUGE party.  We figure, this may be the last time we do the "invite-the-entire-class" party, so the thought of having over 40 kids (because overseas, regardless of instructions, everyone brings a sibling/cousin/friend) was VERY overwhelming.  So, we opted to throw 2 separate parties, two weeks in a row.  But, I can't really complain, because, they chose the same theme, so we just did a repeat!  Thanks to all the parents who stayed behind to help!  The result was 2 very successful parties and 2 VERY happy little boys!

(and apologies for the smudge in the pics!  A new camera has since been purchased!)

Angry printables were found here:  Angry Bird Poop, All other printables

Let us know if you have any questions...feel free to Pin away!

Decorations and favors:

See the printable links above...just fill with m&ms.  We used plain, peanut, and peanut butter filled ones!
Our favor bags...if I could have found them, I would have used the different colored ones.  How cute would that have been?  Trials of living in Africa!

The snacks/food:
By far the hit of the party...a great video tutorial can be found at The Sisters Cafe.  I didn't do the third layer because it calls for diet soda.  I don't like to think of myself as an "uber-mom" but the thought of serving diet soda to children for aesthetic purposes didn't jive (off my soap box).  I used juice and gatorade. 

I would recommend using a color printer for the signs....guess what died about 2 weeks before our parties?


The hit of the party!  The sling shot!

I keep getting asked, and the answer is YES!  I did hand paint all the balls!  The paint didn't last long, but the kids had fun, and that's all that matters.

Rules being explained...notice the "zone of safety" outlined by the firewood!

One of the balls decided to join the real birds

P.S. I've debated whether or not to put up photos for the cakes, for fear they will end up on Cake Wrecks, but here goes nothing...(go ahead and boost my ego...tell me they're great LOL)

And the cakes...YIKES: 

And of course, the parents had to have a go: 

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  1. I love the slingshot! And I'm definitely taking the idea for my son's party. How did you make that?


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