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Friday, September 28, 2012

Angry Bird Party...PREVIEW!

So the boys want a Angry Bird do you do that in Africa?  Well, with a lot of on-line shopping, but most importantly CREATIVITY!  The parties are coming up in the next couple of weeks.  The good news about having kids who are only 2 years and 2 weeks apart, they usually agree on the same theme (so far at least) and I just plan for a few weeks, and then I'm done for about 48 weeks :)!

Jo and I have been lacking in our posting, but we know you are all out there.  We hate to say "we're busy" because we know that all of you are, too.  I want to post some previews (since we've been planning for about a month).  I will post the entire party in a few weeks.

Be patient with me, our baby brother is getting married in about a month.  So I have 2 parties to throw (and maybe a third...can we say an "Adult Only Angry Bird Party"...) and then I have to get my family of 4 back to the States.  Hopefully I will be on top of things, but for sure will try and plan to post before Thanksgiving?

Remember, this is just a preview!  Don't forget to pin us and send people our way!

First we painted some dodge balls:

Then we built a sling shot...we had to test it...

We made cake pops for the class (I used these instructions from  Divas Can Cook)...

And lastly, we had to try the layered punch (I've been dying to try this).  Just use different drinks with varying sugar contents.  I used CranApple Juice (32 grams of sugar) and G2 Gatorade (15 grams of sugar).  Make sure the glass has A LOT of ice.  Pour the different layers VERY slowly over the ice.  If you want a third layer, add a diet drink (0 grams of sugar) last.  I think I'm going to avoid this.  I'm not sure why (maybe I still hear mom's voice in my head) but I don't think kids should drink diet soda.  For the party I'm going to fill my big punch/beverage dispenser, but thought I would try the glasses first:



  1. Gratitude for sharing this angry-birds party preview! Everything looks so chic and I bet it was a successful bash. My wife would turn 30 and I am looking for a decent party venue New York for her surprise vintage themed family bash. I wonder if you can help me to pick a right venue for this bash.


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