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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My sons' birthday treats

My youngest turned 5 yesterday.  He has over 20 kids in his class, so I told him he had to limit his party to only 5 friends.  I then explained that we would take cupcakes to his class for everyone to enjoy.  He picked Toy Story 3 as his theme.  Here are the cupcakes we made (Stay tuned to the blog; this weekend we are transforming our house in Pizza Planet):

 The claaaaaaw!
(I got the cupcake idea from Disney's site)

My oldest son had his 7th birthday party this past weekend.  My 7 year wanted a race car themed party (at the bowling alley).  We took tire cupcakes (see post below) to his class, and then I made a race car cake for his party!

 I came up with this from scratch...literally.  Here is what the first cake looked like.  But here is a Savvy Mess to Savvy Success:  I used the scrap cake to make the wheels!

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