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Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall = birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays...

In my family, and my extended family, fall equals the beginning of birthday madness.  My kids both have fall birthdays.  Today I spent the morning baking cupcakes for my son's classroom.  The theme he picked for this year's birthday is "race cars."  I know exactly what cake I'm making for the party (stay tuned, the party is still a couple weeks away) but was drawing a blank on how to incorporated cupcakes into the theme...because lets face it ladies, cupcakes are much easier to bake, decorate and transport to  school.  My VERY creative friend helped me come up with the below idea.  I'm giving her a HUGE shout out ---AIMEE--because not only were these her idea but she lives in China (and still could help) and is not a mom!  But, I am granting her honorary mom status, if not just for this post!  Thanks Aimee...YOU ROCK!  I hope my execution is at least partly in-line with your vision!

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