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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Start a new tradition

The first day of school is upon us. For many of us it means a return to car pool, after-school activities, homework, and a long farewell to “me time”. I like to mark the first day of school with another tradition—Mommy’s Morning Out. After you have taken your back-to-school photos, dropped off the kids, and secretly spied on them through the window to make sure they are alright (although, we are all secretly and selfishly hoping they will have that “I miss my mommy moment”) invite the other mommies out to coffee at your favorite local coffee house (insert plea here for supporting locally owned business).

This is the easiest party to organize. All you have to do is send out the invitations. Everyone will purchase their own food and beverages. You will all have things in common and the conversations will flow uncontrollably. If it is a success, try to make it a weekly event. When my husband complains about the $10 a week I am spending, I reassure him that it is cheaper than a trip to the psychiatric hospital.

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