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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back-to-School Party...

Here's an idea, why don't you schedule the party like a school day?  As soon as the kids arrive, you can split them into groups, and have them rotate throughout the party.  We suggest decorating in simple primary colors; red, blue, and yellow.  As the "students" arrive to your party, have them randomly pull a color from a basket.  This will be their homeroom color.  They then gather at their designated homeroom spot.  As the party continues, ring a bell between the following sessions... PE (games and activities), Art (arts and crafts), lunch time (refreshments), and recess (free play).

Here are some ideas for games and arts and crafts!

  • paper airplane contest 
  • twister
  • Simon-Says
  • Pencil Walk: (Just like the traditional Cake Walk game but with pencils as prizes instead)
  • Teacher’s Bag:  (Get a paper lunch bag and put in various small items in it, like paper clip, eraser, chalk, gluestick, etc.  Let each person close their eyes and try to feel and guess what is in the bag)
Arts and Crafts:
  • Decorate a Pencil Box: Buy some inexpensive plastic pencil boxes and use stickers, permanent markers, to decorate a pencil box. Favors like pencils, erasers, stickers, can be given at the end of the party together with the pencil box as the perfect Back To School favor.
  • Make your own bookmarks
  • finger painting
  • oragami
  • clay/play-doh

Suggestions for free play:
  • Four square
  • relay races
  • water guns/balloons
 Stay tuned for decorating ideas and party menu!

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