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Saturday, June 26, 2010

4th of July decorations...

Make sure you check out you local Targets and Walmarts.  They usually have the $1 bins near the front and right now they are full of patriotic items...go out and buy some for today's World Cup Match against Ghana, and then you can reuse them for you 4th of July BBQs!  Let us know what you find!

Savvy Ideas to decorate with what you have (or easily get):
  • You know you all have them...unused vases.  Fill them with all the super yummy summer fruits, that also, conveniently, are patriotic colors:  blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Guests can scoop the berries out and add whipped cream or Cool Whip (for those who are allergic to dairy) for a truly red, white, and blue treat!
  • Use different-shaped vases to hold dips and chips as well. These make great centerpieces as well as unique serving dishes.
  • Mix and match red, white, and blue solid paper products and plastic ware.
  • Roll butcher paper out onto your party table. Scatter red, white, and blue crayons across the table for the kids to color with while eating.
  • Sprinkle red, white, and blue confetti and candies around the table.

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