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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Room moms out there...what are you planning?

Second in popularity only to Christmas Day, the last day of school is a highly anticipated day for children. Freedom from teachers, homework, and that annoying kid who sits next to them in class.  So, what are your plans?

There are many decisions to keep in mind.  Have you spoken with the other parents?  What are they willing to do, contribute, or help with?  With the advent of summer right on our heals, you can probably count on good weather for the day of your party (unless, of course you are living in Colorado, and you are still getting snow, right Maggie?).  Even where I live, it seems to always be raining, but I am crossing all my fingers and toes, hoping we can count on good weather for our end of the year party; but we still have 7 weeks left of school, where Jo's kids only have 3 weeks left.

If you want to celebrate outside, here are some ideas:
  • Plan on having the kids do some outside games like egg toss or the egg and spoon race. 
  • Relay races, such as a three-legged-race are easy to organize. 
  • I'm not sure if this is "kosher" any more, but I remember as a kid, during our end of the year party, the school would turn on the sprinklers, and all the kids got to run around in their swimsuits...will the safety weenies (as our late father would say) say "no" to this?  It's always worth a question to the right person.
Hopefully all the kids will remember to wear sunscreen that day. Just in case they don't, have some extra on hand.  Also, don't forget a few blankets for the kids to sit on under the trees (I always keep our picnic blankets in the back of our car during this time of year).

What if it rains?  Make sure you have a back up plan.  Is the classroom sufficient space, or do you have to reserve the cafeteria?  If you are going to be stuck inside, have a stash of board games on hand.  Maybe you can plan a tournament.  Most families have the same selection of games (Monopoly, Connect Four, Sorry!, etc.)  Ask the other moms to bring their Sorry! game.  You can set up different tables and the winners move up, and the others (not loosers ;) ) move down.  Any Bunco players out there?  My son's class LOVES playing Bunco...try it, you'll see (just keep in mind the next time you host Bunco at your house, your child won't want to go to bed, he will want to stay up and play LOL).

THEMES:  Are you having a theme party?  Did you throw a Cinco de Mayo party (I know, you all thought we were done with this, right?)?  How about reusing all those great decorations and recipes and throw a fiesta themed class party (minus the margarita, of course...but you COULD throw "come-to-my-house-and-help-me-plan-the-class-party-margarita-drinking-planning-party...any excuse, right?)

Now, I have to go bake cookies for tomorrow's International Day at the boys' school....

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